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The Blue BorderA QUIET LOVE


Seyi, a 24-year-old Nigerian-American working on Wall Street, is caught engaging in insider trading. When his entire world comes crashing down, he is forced to finally confront his tumultuous relationships.

Seyi, a bright young Nigerian-American working on Wall Street, must navigate complicated family expectations, a turbulent romantic relationship, and a system of cultural complexities caused by class and race. With a dying father, a burgeoning romance with a white girlfriend, and dangerous new business opportunities, Seyi’s life is in a delicate balance. When his ambition drives Seyi to morally dubious waters, secrets threaten to erupt and shatter his world. Seyi must confront himself and decisions he has made, facing the crimes of the past in a desperate attempt to salvage the present.


The film premiered at the South by Southwest Film Festival, where it competed for the Grand Jury Award. Orion Pictures and Samuel Goldwyn Films acquired theatrical distribution rights to the film, and they released it in November 2017.


The Final EncounterTHE PRICE
Geopak it isTHE PRICE
Running from the CopsTHE PRICE
Anthony Onah
Hacienda Motion Pictures
Justin Begnaud, Kishori Rajan, Anthony Onah
Lucy Griffiths, Aml Ameen, Michael Hyatt, Bill Sage, Peter Vack, Tru Collins
Samuel Goldwyn Films
David McFarland
Grant Myers
Anthony Onah
Production design
Prerna Chawla, Danica Pantic